Friday, 30 August 2013

The one thing that dating Jamaican men has taught me

A response to a discussion about interracial / international dating on Facebook.

This post is not purely for entertainment purposes - this is exactly what I believe.

The one thing that dating Jamaican men has taught me is:

1. NOTHING that dating men of other races/nationalities hasn't. The simple fact is, some people are selfish, some are stupid, many don't share your values and most will disappoint you. 

All you can do is know what you want in a partner and be willing to sit still and be happy being single until a person who you feel is a match comes along, and if that doesn't work, poof! Be done and try again and know that trying again might involve re-evaluating your expectations. Or, still yet, make your life as fulfilling as you can without forcing yourself into a relationship.

No matter what, just keep calm and carry on, regardless of what your FB status says. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!