Monday, 13 September 2010

Casa Vino

I was walking along Route 17 with my fiance looking for a secondhand shop near our place in Toda a few weeks ago when we came across this gem:

Photo courtesy of Colin Barey

As the sign says, it's a karaoke and billiards place and despite my love for singing badly with a group of friends and playing pool, what really drew my attention to Casa Vino was the other text on the sign. Here is how this establishment describes itself:

America (What?! That's not an adjective!)

Yes, ORANGE. I guess if you're looking for an "orange" karaoke experience, this is the place to be. Do they mean the colour orange, or the fruit? Better yet, am I the only one who pondered that question after seeing the sign? Somebody,  please help me decipher this.

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